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What is the difference between the various slipcover fabrics? Sure Fit's Simply Suede in  Aloedesign team uses the most popular fabrics and patterns from the upholstery market. All fabrics are machine washable and pass through rigorous quality control procedures. Today, with new fiber technology, slipcover fabrics are more luxurious and durable than ever! Velvet and Chenille slipcovers are heavyweight, soft to the touch, and lavishly textured.

100% Cotton covers are very popular since cotton is a wonderful year-round fabric that is naturally soft, breathable, and retains color beautifully. Whether you lean towards more formal fabrics such as damask, or more casual fabrics such as denim, you can rest assured that Sure Fit slipcover fabrics look and feel expensive but are, in fact, very reasonably priced. For information about specific fabrics, see the fabric chart.

How durable are these slipcovers? All Sure Fit fabrics undergo rigorous quality tests in an in-house laboratory before being introduced to the line. Many wonderful patterns are not accepted because they do not meet the following standards:

Sandpaper Abrasion Test - tests for wearability
Shrinkage - we don't allow much shrinkage to get the best fit wash after wash
Crocking - Tests for colorfastness so color doesn't come off on your furniture
Ball Burst Test (50 lbs. of pressure) - tests for puncture resistance

Sure Fit slipcovers can be washed again and again with minimal shrinkage and fading. There are several fabrics (Damask and Suede) which actually look better after washing! Many customers ask what our most durable fabric is (the one that will stand up to heavy dogs or a house full of teenagers.) Our Indigo Denim, Performance Twill and Simply Suede covers are the most heavyweight and durable.

What are the best fabrics for pet owners? Denim and Simply Suede are the best fabrics for pet owners because pet hair brushes right off them.

Indigo Denim Generally, fabrics with some pattern will hide pet hair better than solid fabrics. Also, try to match your cover to your pet! Performance Twill Maize is a good, durable fabric that matches Golden Retrievers! There is nothing we can do for all of you with one black cat and one white cat!

Performance Twill Sky
Which fabrics stay in place the best?
Heavier, textured fabrics stick to your upholstery and stay in place better that smooth, lightweight fabrics. They also wrinkle less. Heavy/textured fabrics include Indigo Denim, Windsor Tapestry, Corduroy, Sure Chenille and Velvet.

Are fabric blends comfortable? Yes. Advances in technology, especially in microfibers, have created beautiful, soft, luxurious fabrics that look and feel great. Blends are used to make fabric stronger to withstand lots of wear and multiple washings. Most covers become softer after just one washing.

Can I buy fabric separately? Yes. Fabric may be purchased in 3-yard cuts. Most fabrics are 60" wide so your cut will measure approximately 5' wide x 9' long. Use your fabric to make separate cushion covers, pillows, valances, table rounds and more.

How do I care for my slipcover? Sure Fit slipcovers are completely machine washable. Wash them in cold water, gentle cycle. Do not use bleach. Depending on fabric, line dry or tumble dry on low setting. You don't have to be afraid of whites; removing dirt and stains from these slipcovers is simple and easy. In fact, some fabrics get better with washing… the textures on a damask fabric, for example, puff up after washing, making the pattern appear more distinguished and luxurious. Remember, no ironing or dry cleaning needed! Just pull the cover out of the dryer once the cycle is complete and immediately place it on the furniture to avoid wrinkles. If your cover gets wrinkled in storage, simply toss it in the dryer on low heat with a wet washcloth for ten minutes to remove the wrinkles. Washing instructions come with every cover.

How do I remove wrinkles? To avoid wrinkles after laundering, just pull the cover out of the dryer once the cycle is complete and immediately place it on the furniture. If your cover gets Dorchester Redwrinkled in storage, simply toss it and a damp washcloth in the dryer on low heat for ten minutes with to steam out the wrinkles. If the cover is wrinkled while on your furniture, try spraying a mist of water on the cover with a spray bottle and pressing out the wrinkles with your hand. (Do not tumble dry fabrics that have instructions to line dry).



Cotton Duck
8 oz. (as compared to the 10 oz Brushed Twill or Denim). Breathable, retains color well. Great price ($84.15 for the sofa size), lots of colors (natural, linen, red, moss, indigo, camel, burgundy, black). Wrinkles more than fabric blends containing olefin or polyester. Dark cotton colors will show lint etc.

Cotton Prints
Usually printed on cotton duck cloth. Feel heavier than the plain cotton. Most prints come in the elastic style. When in doubt about a print, purchase a solid slipcover and use printed pillows to perk it up.

Tone on tone design woven on a jacquard loom. Good blend of cotton and poly. Design gets nicer with washing since cotton threads puff up. Anne is a great price ($67.15 for a sofa cover). Good for people with pets as hair brushes off easily. Lara is 100% polyester and one of our better selling styles. Laurel is 100% polyester with a vintage floral design.
10 oz brushed denim - soft, not hard like new denim jeans. Most durable for people with pets and kids. All the same properties of denim. You can wash it a lot and it will hold up.
One of our more elegant, rich looking fabrics. Wears really well. You don't have to wash it as much as you think for a white fabric. Spot cleans easily.
Performance Twill
Heavyweight (9 oz) twill in six colors: khaki, claret, maize, white, black and sky. Easy care 100% polyester treated to repel stains and wrinkles. Liquids roll right off!

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