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How To Put On A Slipcover

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How To Put On A Slipcover

3. How to put on a slipcover

When you take the cover out of the package, you will find a huge piece of fabric filled with wrinkles. Don't be afraid! Simply locate the stickers that say "Front" "Back" and "Arm" or, if there are no stickers, find the tags on the inside of the cover that say "Center Front" and "Center Back." These will help you get the cover over your furniture correctly. Once you've draped the cover over your furniture, you'll want to locate and position the arms. At this point, you can do a little tucking of the arm fabric down in between the seat and arm, and also back between the arm and the back of the furniture. Alternate between tucking down and back until much of the excess fabric has disappeared down into the furniture. Now you are ready to tackle the seat. Locate the back of the seat cushion through the fabric and lift it up. Then tuck the inner row of elastic over, around and under the cushion, like a shower cap. Once your seat cushion is enveloped in its shower cap of fabric, push it back down. Now you can tuck any excess fabric into the crevices of your furniture and complete the styling process. Sometimes it helps to stand back and look at your work (and take a little rest!). At this point, you can tell whether the cover fits your furniture well or not. If it fits and you like it, you might want to take it off, wash it and dry it to get the wrinkles out. Or, just toss it in the dryer for ten minutes with a really wet washcloth to steam out the wrinkles. Some of the wrinkles will come out by themselves over a few days of being on your furniture.

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Now there's a solution for those with petite-armed furniture. Specially-designed armpads are crafted of upholstery foam in the shape of an overstuffed arm.  When placed on top of a small arm and tucked into the crevices of the furniture to secure, they improve the look and fit of a slip cover.


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