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Hobnail Chenille SageChair ½
Sure Fit introduced the Chair ½ size last year in response to the growing number of requests for this new size of furniture. (Sure Fit calls this product an oversized chair cover). Note: A chair ½ can seat two people. If you have an oversized chair that only fits one person, then you should use the regular chair cover. Chair ½ covers have flat front arms and ties and are offered in approximately ten patterns/fabrics. All but the cotton duck have flat front skirts. Prices range from $41.65-$109.65 to depending on the fabric. Sure Fit also makes coordinating oversized ottoman covers. Often Special Order Items

Wing chair
Characterized by a high back (38" and higher), "wings" that come out on each side of the chair that measure up to 11", a "T" shaped seat cushion and low, recessed arms. We carry approximately 35 different patterns in the wing chair size. There are two styles: elasticized and flat front with a kickpleat (denim, suede, and cotton duck with contrast trim). The flat front style is a boxier fit and is better for larger wing chairs. The elasticized style fits more snugly on smaller wing chairs. Note: If your "wings" are slightly larger than 11", you can cheat a bit and pull some of the fabric from the back to accommodate the wing size. Prices generally range from $40-90 depending on the fabric.

An ottoman (Hassock) cover is two pieces: A large, rectangular piece of fabric and an elasticized skirt. It fits ottomans up to 116" in circumference. If you have an extremely large ottoman, you might choose the oversized ottoman cover. Note: You can create a more tailored look for your ottoman by pulling the elastic skirt tight - simply cut the excess fabric out, sew it back up, and you'll have a smooth, straight, tailored skirt as opposed to a ruffled look. Prices range from $18.70-$38.25.

Hobnail Spice Red


Oversized ottoman
The oversized ottoman cover is two pieces: A large, rectangular piece of fabric and an elasticized skirt. It fits ottomans up to 145" in circumference. Usually, these are for ottomans that came with a chair ½ set. Prices range from $27.20-$55.25.

We sell three sizes of recliner covers. The smaller, "ladies" recliner with scoop arm and small footrest (Style#60 $50.99), the regular "man's" recliner (usually Laz-Y-Boy or Lane) (Style#67 $50.99), and an extra-large recliner for the "big man" (Style #77 $59.99).
Velour Recliner Navy


Dining chair
Dining chair covers fit most armless chairs up to 42" tall. They look best on upholstered Parsons chairs, but also look fine on wooden chairs. Note: There is no cover for dining chairs with arms but you can alter the armless dining chair cover to fit. Simply open the seam that runs the length of the seat and back, insert the arm, and close the fabric up with velcro. You'll then be able to remove it whenever you want to wash it. Prices range from $10.20-$17.00.

Folding chair
Great for weddings and other special events, our simple, ivory cotton duck cover dresses up both metal and wooden folding chairs. $8.50 each. Washable.


3 Seat Sectional3-PC sectional new!

Sure Fit has launched a 3-piece sectional cover (also fits reclining sectionals). Each sectional section comes with right and left arm attachments for flexibility. Whether you choose the 2 or 3 seat design, every option is covered by including separate arms in every package--one for a right arm and one for a left. No arms? No problem. You don't need to use either arm cover! Prices range from $67.15-$152.15.

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...and don't forget - bulk-up your skinny-armed furiture for a great slip cover fit!

arm pads for skinny arm furnitureNow there's a solution for those with petite-armed furniture. Make your own custom armpads using upholstery foam in the shape of an overstuffed arm.  When placed on top of a small arm and tucked into the crevices of the furniture to secure, this technique can greatly improve the look and fit of a slip cover.

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